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Spa Etiquette – Know How To Tip And Strip At The Spa

An experience at the spa is like none other. Where else can one receive pampering services, reconnect with one’s self, and emerge revitalized? Spas offer personal, hands-on services that provide endless healthful benefits. Because of their intimate nature, the spa environment can also represent an unfamiliar level of exposure to new spa-goers. To get the most out of their experience, visitors need not be intimidated. A little bit of knowledge and preparation can go a long way.

The first rule of thumb is to arrive early to any appointment. For first-timers, this is a good time to enjoy the facility and peruse their other services. Many spas have both male and female therapists on staff. If you have a preference, don’t hesitate to let your choice be known. Customers receiving a massage are met by a therapist who escorts them to changing room. Robes and sandals are made available for the comfort of the client. Underwear may be left on. For clients who may be changing in the room where the service is provided, the therapist will leave the room, giving the client time to change out of their clothes and lie down on the table.

During a massage session, the therapist may ask for some feedback as to comfort and any trouble areas that might need extra attention. It’s important for customers to relax and enjoy this time but also communicate any discomfort. Therapists are well trained in the art of draping, which means they keep clients covered at all times except for the area of the body being massaged. Some enjoy conversing quietly with their massage therapist during the session and others prefer to remain quiet. It’s up to the client and her comfort level.

After the massage session, the therapist will leave the room as clients slip into their robe or clothes. It’s important to vacate the room within a reasonable amount of time as the room must be prepared for the next client. A glass of water should be provided by the therapist following the massage. Hydration is an important element in massage therapy as it helps to clean the body of toxins. Clients should be escorted to the changing room where they can freshen up.

For those receiving body scrubs, body wraps and hydrotherapies, clients are not draped in order to receive maximum benefits from the services. In some instances swimsuits are optional. Clients should inquire with the staff beforehand. When entering a soaking pool, a swimming pool or whirlpool, it’s necessary to shower beforehand. In the sauna or steam, clients should always sit on their towel and wear the sandals provided by the spa.

Facials are the second most popular spa service after the massage. Those who schedule two treatments together should get a massage before the facial. Clients receiving a facial should alert the esthetician if they are wearing contacts. Facials consist of a deep cleansing using mineral essentials and other products to purify, nourish, and tone skin. Basic facials take one hour to perform. It’s not necessary to unclothe during facials.

The spa is a great place for some alone time so leave children under 16 at home. If someone else has brought along young children who are disruptive, it’s a good idea to speak to a staff personnel. The spa environment is one that is meant to foster calm and serenity. For that reason, it’s also important to turn off cell phones at the spa or leave them at home. And although the spa is a “customer first” service industry, that does not give clients the license to speak abusively to spa staff. Lewd and inebriated guests will also find themselves quickly and professionally dismissed from the spa.

In all service-related businesses it’s common to tip the person who has performed a service. If a service was rendered to the satisfaction of the customer, it’s expected the client will tip for the service. The rule of thumb for spas today is 15 to 20 percent of the cost of service, or about $10 to $15 for one treatment. If you are enjoying spa services as a result of a gift certificate, inquire if the tip has been included in the total. Tips are made at the time of check out. Many spas provide envelopes at the front desk for tips.

For those who are still unsure about their first spa visit, consider going along with a friend who has spa-going experience or call ahead for a tour of the facility.

Sexual Positions – There Is More Than One You Know

Your 5 times a week gymnastic ritual in the bedroom has dwindled to a once a month fumble with the lights out. Where did it all go wrong? Can it be put right? All relationships need a little injection of spice to keep the fires burning. Our sexual position suggestions are far more modern than the Kama Sutra and you can be sure you won’t have tried them all before.

SUDOKU STYLE: Do positions 1 to 9 from the Kama Sutra without duplicating any number in her box.

ENGLAND STYLE: Cover their face with the Union Jack and think of England.

PAINTBALL STYLE: From a distance, using your weapon of choice, fire random blobs at her.

BLACK WIDOW STYLE: A lot of fun but someone gets killed.

MCDONALD STYLE: Scream “I’m lovin’ it” whilst probing her McFlurry.

GARDENERS STYLE: Plant your seed and watch her belly grow.

SAS STYLE: Hide naked in a bush and catch her unawares.

CONTORTIONIST STYLE: Get as much of you as you can in her box.

MADONNA STYLE: Stick 2 ice cream cones on your breasts and act like a virgin.

MATRIX STYLE: Simultaneously jump into the air and try to copulate whilst in mid air. Best done in slow motion.

HELICOPTER STYLE: Paint the letter H around your lady bits and watch as his chopper comes in to land.

DOUBLE BAG STYLE: Put a bag on her head and a bag on your head in case hers comes off. Great for women pulled whilst wearing beer goggles.

DOGGY STYLE: Grab her leg and rub yourself up and down it until you reach orgasm. Best tried whilst she is asleep.

FAT WOMAN STYLE: Roll her in flour and look for the wet bit.

SUN BURN STYLE: Only the genitals can touch.

KNITTING STYLE: In, over, through and off.

HOKEY COKEY STYLE: In, out, in, out, then shake it all about.

HEALTH AND SAFETY STYLE: Both put on safety goggles, illuminous jackets and gloves and attempt to gain entry without injuring yourselves or steaming up your goggles.

TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Bounce alternately. He lands first in the sitting position and woman lands on top aiming for penetration.

UNDER TRAMPOLINE STYLE: Usually follows after the previous position fails.

ARMY STYLE: Get her to clean your weapon using only her tongue and an electric toothbrush.

PINATA STYLE: Get them to hang off a tree whilst you poke them.

SAFE SEX STYLE: Both lie there, not touching each other and just think about what you could be doing if you weren’t so safety conscious.

STAR WARS STYLE: Launch a surprise attack from behind.


PRISON STYLE: Drop the soap in the shower and stuff a flannel in her mouth.

007 STYLE: Choose your woman wisely as she will be dead tomorrow.

ESSEX GIRL STYLE: Get the woman to wear white stilettos and say “you can see my kebab”.

ESCORT STYLE: Kissing is not allowed, however licking and touching of each others private body parts is absolutely fine.

DIY STYLE: Usually carried out alone.

FRIENDS REUNITED STYLE: Do it with old friends and then don’t see them again for ten years.

DIETERS STYLE: Everything looks and feels as normal but doesn’t taste quite so sweet.

AMERICAN STYLE: Do it whilst eating burgers.

DELIVERY DRIVER STYLE: You wait patiently all day but he still doesn’t come.

BANK STYLE: Low interest means withdrawal likely.

DRIVERS STYLE: After 10 minutes of huffing and puffing she says “are we there yet?”.

BARBIE AND KEN STYLE: Attempt intercourse without bending your arms or your legs.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STYLE: Suspend yourself from the ceiling by a wire and attempt intercourse without waking her.

ALIEN STYLE: Use your probe.

NINJA STYLE: She will never know you were there. Useful if you wouldn’t even touch the sides.

An Explanation of Solicitation of Prostitution

Prostitution is known as the “oldest profession.” People have been paying money for sex for thousands of years. During the American Revolution, numerous women followed the Continental Army in order to serve the officers and soldiers as sexual partners. These women posed a threat to the army, particularly because of the potential spread of venereal disease. Despite the danger, some encouraged their presence because they uplifted the spirits of the men and kept their morale high.

By the late 19th century, New Orleans had limited prostitution to one small area in the city called, “The District.” During that time, the District, or Storyville was known for being the most popular place for prostitution in the United States. At its peak, Storyville had approximately 1500 prostitutes and 200 brothels.

During World War I, Storyville was shut down in order to prevent the transmission of VD to soldiers in the nearby army and navy camps. Prostitution became a public health concern because of the way it spread sexually transmitted diseases. Men from all classes would sleep with prostitutes, only to bring those sexually transmitted diseases home to infect their unsuspecting wives.

By 1916, 400,000 prostitutes died from syphilis in the United States. By January of 1917, a number of anti-prostitution groups were forming. Shortly thereafter, police began closing down prostitution houses by the hundreds.

Prostitution remains illegal in all states in the United States with the exception of some rural areas in Nevada. However, prostitution remains big business with the global prostitution industry raking in $100 billion dollars each year.

Today, prostitutes can be found on the streets, in red light districts, on-line, at brothels and at massage parlors. People can also call escort services and “order” an escort for the hour or the evening. The sex trade is as strong as ever – and as long as the government criminalizes prostitution, people will be getting arrested no matter how large or how small of a role they play in the matter.

Solicitation of prostitution refers to any action taken in order to obtain the services of a prostitute. A person can be guilty of this offense even if they never actually carried out the transaction. Simply discussing the terms with a pimp or prostitute would suffice. Solicitation of prostitution is not an offense to be taken lightly as a conviction will result in criminal penalties.

The best thing for you to do is seek the legal advice of a criminal defense attorney. Since a first offense could result in a prison term lasting as long as one year, and a third or subsequent offense can be charged as a felony, hiring a lawyer will be your best line of defense. The last thing you want is for this matter to become public knowledge – your attorney will respect your privacy and work towards an expedient and confidential solution.